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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Restores Health to Teeth

Dental professionals are primarily concerned with conserving the integrity and health of your natural teeth. Even when teeth experience severe decay or damage, dental professionals can preserve the health of teeth with root canal therapy.

Dr. Bryan Hill recommends root canal therapy to patients who are at risk of tooth loss without this restorative treatment. Call our dental practice in Spokane for conservative dental care today!

A tooth is considered severely damaged when its inner chamber is threatened by infection. The delicate pulp at the center of a tooth contains many nerves that become painfully inflamed when exposed to bacteria. Root canal therapy can eliminate the agony of a toothache by removing the infected pulp while preserving the tooth’s anatomical structure.

Protect Your Health and Return Beauty to Your Smile

By removing the infection, he prevents infection from endangering surrounding teeth and forming periodontal abscesses. Root canal therapy also protects your physical health by halting the spread of bacteria before they can reach the bloodstream and infect vital organs.

Dr. Hill places a bio-compatible substance inside the tooth’s inner-chamber and seals the tooth before preparing it for a crown. Crowns are placed on teeth after root canal therapy to protect them from further damage and restore their full function. They are lustrous and lifelike and matched to neighboring teeth.

Maintain the Function and Attraction of Your Smile at the Dental Office of Dr. Bryan Hill

If you have a painful or fragile tooth that has advanced decay or damage, contact the dental office of Dr. Bryan Hill. He provides the conservative care you need to relieve pain and maintain the beauty and function of your smile. Contact his friendly office in Spokane today for immediate attention.

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