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Dental Restorations in Spokane, WA

Restorative Dentistry in Spokane WashingtonPeople experiencing dental pain, damaged, or missing teeth should seek care a soon as possible to preserve the well-being of their dental anatomy. At the office of Bryan Hill, DDS, we offer restorative dental care services to renew the smiles of our patients and help them achieve optimal oral health and aesthetic. Our Spokane dental team is committed to maintaining our patients’ teeth and gums with our comprehensive approach to care.

If you are seeking to rejuvenate the oral health and appearance of your smile, look no further. Dr. Hill and his capable staff offer restorative dental services that address you and your loved one's needs, no matter the issue.

Restorations at the Office of Bryan Hill, DDS

Dr. Hill provides crowns, bridges, and dentures for his patients with dental implants. Implant treatment is a comprehensive solution to missing teeth, as it replaces a tooth from root to crown. Our dentist also suggests dental implants to patients with missing teeth as they help to preserve jawbone density and maintain your facial structures.

The restorations we provide patients are:

Implant-supported Crowns

Replace one tooth anywhere in the smile with a crown. There are a variety of materials we may use to fabricate your restoration such as porcelain, zirconia, and gold; depending on your needs, goals, and budget.

Implant-supported Bridges

Replace one or more teeth in a row with an implant-supported bridge. Unlike its conventional counterpart, bridges retained by implants do not require the alteration of surrounding teeth. Dr. Hill shade matches the artificial teeth to surrounding dental structures to create a uniform appearance.

Implant-supported Dentures

Replace full arches of teeth with implant-supported dentures. The office of Bryan Hill, DDS, provides overdentures, a removable restoration option. Overdentures allow for both patients and our dentist to take out the prosthetic, thoroughly clean surrounding dental structures and then reinsert it.

Other Restorative Dental Services

When patients come to our Spokane dental practice with cavities caused by decay, we provide them with composite fillings. These minor restorations are essential to keep decay from reaching the inner structures of the tooth and causing more complex issues.

If bacteria have reached inside the tooth, then root canal therapy is the best solution. This treatment allows our dentist to save the natural tooth while removing the compromised tissue. After the root canal procedure is complete, we cap the remaining dental structure with an aesthetically pleasing crown to protect the remaining tooth.

If a tooth has become severely infected, extraction may be the only option. While Dr. Hill and his team do everything they can to preserve your natural smile, sometimes removing a troublesome tooth is necessary to maintain the rest of your dental anatomy.

Restore Your Smile With Dr. Bryan Hill in Spokane

If you are looking to replace missing teeth or address dental trauma or infection, contact the office of Bryan Hill, DDS, today! Our Spokane staff is excited to help you and other members of your family maintain healthy smiles while keeping you comfortable within our warm and inviting practice. 

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