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Implant Supported Dentures by Bryan Hill, DDS

For those who have lost a full arch of teeth, implant-supported dentures not only restore full function and aesthetics to your smile, they also help you retain a youthful facial structure. Dental implants preserve bone structure and prevent the mouth from appearing sunken and aged.

Dr. Bryan Hill strategically places implant posts into the jaw, and after about four months, they securely fuse with the bone. Dentures can then be placed using as few as four implant posts, which saves you time and money.

The dentures are made of acrylic and luminous porcelain crowns that are custom designed to complement your natural beauty. Hybrid dentures are permanently placed on implant posts, and over-dentures are removable, clasping onto abutments.

To learn more about the convenience, comfort, and restorative benefits of implant-supported dentures, contact Dr. Bryan Hill in Spokane. We have the technology, training, and high standards you need to receive excellent dental care.

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