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Dental Implants in Spokane WA 

Dental implants are an ideal option for tooth replacement. They offer a stable and normal bite, allowing you to enjoy daily life with a full smile. Implants have a lasting impact on health and self-confidence. Bryan Hill, DDS provides dental implants that give you a comprehensively rebuilt smile custom-made just for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are completely unlike traditional teeth replacement options. They provide several benefits not found with dentures and bridges:

  • Implants stabilize the jaw. The bone in the jaw can be absorbed after tooth loss. Traditional restorations rest above the bone and do not prevent the jaw resorption. In contrast, implants become the new tooth roots that stimulate the jaw, so the bone continues to grow and develop.

  • Implants are permanent additions to the smile. If you take care of them, they can last a lifetime. They feel and function similarly to your real teeth.

  • Implants are more comfortable. Traditional dentures can slip but implant restorations stay in one place and they do not irritate the gums by rubbing against them.
    Spokane Dental Implants

Placing the Dental Implant Post

The dental implant is a titanium root surgically added to the jaw. The implant supports your new tooth and the abutment that connects the root to the crown. Because it must be stable to properly support the new teeth, placing the implant into the jaw is the first and most important phase of treatment. Once your implants are placed, Dr. Hill monitors your healing and makes sure that your implants heal correctly.

Implant Restoration

The implant restoration is the prosthetic tooth that the implant and implant abutment host. These restorations are designed to mimic a traditional restoration: crowns replace individual teeth, bridges for multiple adjacent teeth, and dentures for the entire smile.

Once your healing process is complete, Dr. Hill has your new teeth fabricated at a professional dental laboratory. Then, he will place the restoration on top of the implant, making sure it blends in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Your new teeth will last you for decades, if not a lifetime, and are second only to your natural teeth regarding functionality.

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When planning your implant treatment, Dr. Hill focuses on your unique needs. Every treatment is designed to promote your best oral health. Bryan Hill, DDS offers dental implants to patients looking to replace their lost teeth or improve the aesthetics of their smile. For more information about the benefits of implants, call today and schedule a new appointment.

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