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Normal Dental Crowns
Spokane, WA

Dental crowns at Bryan Hill, DDS in Spokane, WA When people talk about crowns, they are usually talking about royalty crowns or flower crowns, rather than crowns that do us some good. Don’t get us wrong, we love the other kind of crowns as well. It’s always fun to play dress-up, and act like a king, queen, prince or princess. However, we really want to talk about the other kind of crown. This kind of crown goes on top of a tooth and protects it from damage. Did you know about that type of crown? If you didn’t, we have some information for you about dental crowns and how they work. Let Bryan Hill, DDS tell you about this important piece of dental hardware that we think is indispensable.

What Are Normal Crowns?

Crowns or caps fit over your natural teeth. They protect a tooth that has already been damaged from further damage or decay. Crowns have been used for decades to protect teeth. In the past, crowns were not made of porcelain. Instead, they were made of gold or silver. Gold and silver crowns were seen as a symbol of wealth for decades. However, a lot of people don’t want all that gold or silver in their mouths. Instead, they want natural looking teeth and a natural smile. When we make crowns today, we make them with porcelain over a metal cap. This makes it look more like your natural tooth.

Why Are Normal Crowns Used?

The most important reason we use dental crowns is to protect a damaged tooth. Teeth can be damaged because of an accident. While teeth are strong, there are all kinds of ways they can be damaged during the course of a lifetime. You can break your tooth when you eat. People also break or fracture their teeth when they clench or grind your teeth at night. We also sometimes have to fix teeth because of an infection due to a cavity. When a small cavity gets bigger, it can infect the tooth pulp and the root. We then have to do a root canal to clean out the infection. We can save the tooth, but it isn’t as strong as it once was. If we crown the tooth, we can protect it from any further damage.

How Are Normal Crowns Placed?

Placing a crown over your tooth is actually quite simple. If you have a painful tooth, or we are doing a root canal, we would cap your tooth with a temporary crown to protect your tooth and relieve your pain. We would also make a mold of your tooth to create a permanent crown. When the dental crown is ready, we grind your natural tooth down a little so that we can place your new crown on your tooth.

In most cases, we can place the permanent crown without anesthesia. We may need to numb the area a little, depending on your sensitivity. We then cement your crown, and you’re finished. We will need to check your bite and make sure the crown was placed properly. Your tooth will now be protected from any more damage.

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