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Laser Dentistry
Spokane, WA

Laser DentistryAre you a dental nerd? Do you love learning about new dental techniques and dental procedures that are revolutionary? We totally love new dental techniques, especially if they have cool new gadgets. While in the past, dental folks used to get excited about a dental mirror, today’s technology is way cooler. Bryan Hill, DDS going to talk to you today about the wonders of laser dentistry. Laser dentistry has been used in dentistry for 30 years, and there are all kinds of ways we can use it.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

We define laser dentistry as using lasers to protect and preserve your teeth. We love using lasers for many different reasons. We can use lasers in all kinds of procedures, which makes them very versatile.

Lasers can perform procedures more quickly than traditional instruments can, which makes them efficient. Because lasers are so efficient, they make the cost of dental procedures cheaper for our clients in the long run. However, one of the most important reasons we use lasers is because they are less painful for our patients than traditional instruments. This alone makes lasers worth investing in for any dental practice.

What Kind of Procedures Can Lasers Do?

We use lasers for a lot of different procedures. Lasers help us find cavities. In many cases, lasers can “see cavities” faster than we can normally. The light on the laser allows us to see the tiniest of holes in your teeth. The faster we can spot a cavity, the faster we can get your tooth filled. How much better is it that we can get your tooth filled before you even know you have a cavity?

Lasers can also be used to kill bacteria in a cavity before we fill it, which means that your tooth is much less likely to get infected. Lasers are not only used to spot cavities. We use lasers to treat tooth sensitivity, which means if you have sensitive teeth, we can make it much easier to tolerate heat and cold.

We also use lasers in soft tissues, which is a revolution in the dental world. Because lasers are very hot, they reduce blood loss during dental procedures. Lasers immediately cauterize the wound, which means that there is less need for sutures in your mouth. Not only do lasers close the wound, but there is far less risk of infection than with traditional procedures.

Lasers are used to reshape your gum tissue. If you have a lot of gum tissue, we can use lasers to make your gums smaller and show your beautiful smile. We also use lasers to reshape tissue before we can place Dental Implants or crowns. Lasers can be used to whiten teeth as well so that if you need your teeth whitened in a day, we can do it. We remove benign tumors with lasers, and we can use lasers to treat TMD.

Do you want to know more about lasers? We love talking about all of the ways we can use lasers to help you. If you want more information, give Bryan Hill, DDS a call at (509) 505-6303? We would love to chat about our laser!
Bryan Hill, DDS
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Laser dentistry is an amazing advancement in dental technology and treatment that we here at Bryan Hill, DDS use to help our patients. Call us today: (509) 505-6303.
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