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Dentures vs. Dental Implants

An example of all on 4 dental implants at Bryan Hill, DDS in Spokane, WAReplacing natural teeth with dentures can be a difficult process for a multitude of reasons. The traditional loose fitting denture provided very limited comfort and function. Today, a majority of patients are considering the restorative treatment of securing their denture devices with the use of dental implants. Using a surgically implanted anchor, we can provide you with teeth that not only look natural but both function and feel natural. Working with our team at Bryan Hill, DDS, we can restore your ability to chew your regular diet by providing you with a firm set of teeth that will stay where they belong.

Restorative dentistry is the process of rebuilding what was lost. We believe that this includes the portion of the teeth that you can’t see. Traditional dentures were designed to sit over the gum arch. They were held in place using suction or the addition of a store bought adhesive. The prosthetic was a great tool for providing structure to the patient’s face, allowing them to chew some foods, and helping them have a smile. What patients did not like is that dentures could slip out, it limited their food options, they rock on the gums causing discomfort, and they never truly feel natural. The addition of dental implants removes all of these negatives.

With dental implants, we can firmly anchor your denture to your arch. Implant supported dentures come with options. They can be set to either allow you to remove your denture, or for it to stay permanently in place. There are benefits to both options including:
•  Full Arch Bridge: Treatment options such as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept uses longer implants designed to reach thicker jawbone material and then placed at an angle for a stronger hold. This system can be used on both new denture patients, and patients who have been wearing dentures for years. We permanently secure the denture prosthetic to the bone. Once placed, it is not removable.
•  Bar Retained Implant Overdenture: This system uses the surgically implanted posts to attach a bar to. The denture is then able to clip on or off the bar. This allows the denture to fit firmly when desired and the ability to remove the denture when desired.
•  Ball Retained Implant Overdenture: This system uses the surgically implanted posts with a ball head snapping system. This allows the denture to snap onto the posts and be able to snap off of the posts as needed.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures includes:
•  Restored Foundation: Dental implants provide more than an anchor. They allow us to rebuild the bone structure and replace the missing tooth root. This is better for your facial shape and structure.
•  Firm Setting:A denture set with dental implants will feel firm or solid in your mouth. They will not shift, rock, or cause irritation to your gums because the denture is firmly in place.
•  Resume Your Regular Foods: Many denture adhesive commercials boast eating an ear of corn, but implant supported dentures can genuinely give you the freedom to resume eating your regular diet once fully healed. You will be able to use your implant supported denture like your regular teeth.
•  Freedom: The best part of implant supported dentures is the freedom to forget you have them. Traditional dentures can never provide you the ability to forget you’re wearing them. They cause changes to your diet, your speech, and even your self confidence. We can provide you the tools to feel like you never had to get a denture in the first place.

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