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Benefits of Dental Implants
Spokane, WA

Group of older women with dental implants from Bryan Hill, DDS in Spokane, WAThe loss of one or more teeth can have cascading consequences for your oral wellness. Dental implants offer a permanent artificial root replacement for the lost tooth. There are several key benefits to dental implants when compared to other options for the replacement of missing teeth.

The Prevention Of Bone Loss

When natural teeth are lost or extracted, patients tend to see a gradual decrease in bone in their jaw. The bone in the jaw requires the stimulation it receives from your bite force, in order for it to maintain its mass. Other tooth replacement solutions will not be able to replace the stimulation that the jawbone needs. Dental implants can replace this stimulation to the bone and help to prevent further bone loss.

Dental Implants Can Match Surrounding Natural Teeth

The dental crown that is placed atop your dental implant can be made in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Our oral surgeon will work to ensure that your crown perfectly matches your remaining natural teeth so that no one will be able to tell which of your teeth are natural and which are dental implants.

The Restoration of Your Bite Force

Due to the fact that dental implants are permanently anchored by your jawbone, through a fusing process called osseointegration, they allow you to bite into your favorite foods with a similar bite force used by your natural teeth. Other options for tooth replacement will not be able to restore quite as much of your natural bite force, because they are placed on top of your gums. They don’t have the security and strength that comes from being anchored in your jaw like dental implants do.

The Permanence You Need

There are several other tooth replacement solutions, including dental bridges and dentures. While they do have their place and can serve many well, they are not typically a permanent fixture in your mouth. The exception will be implant-supported dentures. Dental implants, unlike other options, will not need to be periodically repaired or replaced. They are permanent and are meant to last a lifetime. Dental implants have a 98% success rate.

Who is Not a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are generally successful with little failure. However, like all medical procedures, they do not guarantee a perfect success rate. For this reason, it is imperative to discern who will and will not benefit from the surgery. If you are diabetic, smoke cigarettes, or you are prone to gum disease, dental implants may not be for you. In addition, if you are experiencing bone loss due to loss of teeth, you may need to have restorative procedures done before you are considered a candidate. Knowing your likelihood of success beforehand can help us find the best solution before investing time or money in a procedure.

You may be an excellent candidate for dental implants, but there is always a slight chance that you are not a good fit. Rest assured, within the field of dentistry there are several other effective options for replacing missing teeth. The guidance of our professionals will help you make the correct treatment decision. Dental implants are great for people of varying backgrounds and situations, but they are not the only option. If you want to explore restoration options, including dental implants, call Bryan Hill, DDS at (509) 505-6303 today to schedule an examination with our team.
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Benefits of Dental Implants | Bryan Hill, DDS | dentist Spokane
If you want to explore restoration options, including dental implants, call Bryan Hill, DDS today to schedule an examination with our team.
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