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Fillings Aftercare Instructions

We hope you are feeling well following your visit with us today! Below you’ll find a few recommendations for home care following your visit.

Anesthesia should wear off approximately 1 to 3 hours following your fillings unless you opted for numbing reversal, in which case the numbing effects should subside much sooner. In the meantime, it's important to avoid chewing on the numb side of your mouth to prevent biting your tongue, cheek, or lip.

It's completely normal to experience sensitivity to hot, cold, or pressure in the area that we treated today. Any symptoms should cease within a few days to a couple of weeks. As long as your teeth and gums continue to feel better overall (not staying the same or getting worse), there is no need for concern.

We may have prescribed Ibuprofen. This is NOT just for pain. Ibuprofen is great for reducing inflammation in the area we treated and will further eliminate sensitivity if taken as directed. If you are allergic to or cannot tolerate ibuprofen, please let us know. If you experience discomfort that continues for more than a couple of weeks, please give us a call at (509) 468-4040.

Once the anesthesia has worn off, if you notice your bite is off in the area we treated, please give us a call immediately so that we can make adjustments.

As always, if you need anything at all, please reach out – we're always here for you. Thank you for the continued trust and the opportunity to deliver your dental care.

Dr. Hill and Team
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